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Cloud services for companies

The cloud computing revolution has had truly transformative effects over the last decade or so. But unlike software, it doesn’t have a strong history of robust and consumer-friendly startups. However, it is an industry that has been relatively well-regulated and supported by a strong set of regulations and processes. Since the computing power to which it has opened up hasn’t made Silicon Valley wealthy, the industry has the potential to become a major force for social good if we don’t let it grind to a halt.

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Now, a new report from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard and Harvard Law School has found that companies in the industry are well-informed, and pushing for powerful policy responses to problems. But despite these best efforts, the tech industry is facing a number of challenges, including with privacy and security concerns and higher risk of employee backlash.

Talkspace, the companies’ cloud company, has faced claims by ex-employees that it has discriminated against women. A recent report by Pew Center on the States showed that business law firms are seeing a shift away from traditional tech, such as legal research and software development. Of the first 500 attorneys surveyed, 90% used technology to process their business client data, up from 65% two years prior.

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According to a company such as the ones from https://www.delphix.com/glossary/cloud-computing-migration-strategy, companies in the cloud computing industry are expecting that some of their older clients will migrate to software platforms that they have built themselves. This shift may necessitate changes to policies, such as a change to law that prohibits discrimination against employees because of race, gender or sexual orientation. But with a number of reported, internally investigated complaints, this may have also created a cloud over the industry and that’s why many also decided to use a cloud access security broker to protect all their services on the cloud, e.g., disaster recovery.

The Berkman Center report states that the companies in the industry “recognize a potential moral hazard, when there is a perceived trend of enabling violations of privacy and due process,” and have launched internal investigations to find solutions.

Despite their internal efforts, the Berkman Center report concludes that while the IT industry has become much more transparent, it has no standardized approach to diversity hiring and retains “problematic patterns of sexual harassment.” The Berkman Center suggests making a difference for employees by making sure you understand your legal rights and remedies for any harassment, then speaking to your manager if your concerns persist.

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The report also recommends making clear that the IT industry can contribute to many social good goals, and that companies, government and universities are paying more attention to it as a response to the trends the industry is seeing. But it’s worth noting that some of the companies that are on the forefront of these trends don’t feel the same urgency to change as they might in other industries. The report highlights the challenges these industries are facing, including regulation that isn’t well-developed, a lack of awareness about the legal issues of the space, and a lack of recognition that new technologies have the potential to contribute to social good.

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